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I want to use a planner, but I don’t know which one to choose.

I think there are many people who have such troubles.
The basics of how to use the planner are the following two points.

  • Write appointments to remember
  • Write and organize tasks

If you can do them, you will be able to use your planner sufficiently.
In this blog, I will explain in detail how to write an easy-to-read planner step by step.

This time, how to use the monthly planner, I will explain the basic writing method.

I used the monthly planner bought at a 100-yen shop.
Monthly is a format like a calendar where you can write a month’s worth of schedules in a two-page spread.

I set it to be a female office worker.

Here is the page that has been used for a month.

Writing is not so much and colorful.

Let’s explain how to write it.

① Enclose work holidays with a green highlighter.

This made the holidays stand out.
I used an erasable highlighter, even if I make a mistake, I can erase it with a rubber.

② Write your goals for this month and your TO-DO LIST in the left margin.

Put together the important things in one place, so you don’t worry about forgetting.

③ Write work and private appointments respectively.

Be sure to write a schedule with a fix date and time.
Also, fill in the work with a deadline.

I wrote work schedule is black and private schedule is red.
Color coding is easier to see than black alone.

④ Check the completed tasks in red.

Check them in red so that I could see that I had finished the tasks.

Also, I wrote impressions of what I did in the bottom margin with a pink pen.

Enter goals for next month at the bottom right corner.

You will never forge a job with a schedule or deadline this way.
In addition to the fun impressions, writing down your reflection points will motivate you to the next time.

This is the basic way to write a monthly planner.

I wrote two points necessary for using the planner mentioned at the beginning, writing appointments and tasks.
I also color-coded work and private appointments to make them easier to see.

But with this alone, there are a lot of margins.

I recommend the planner decoration to those who think.

With stickers, stamps, markers, masking tape (washi tape), etc., you can quickly turn it into a notebook that is fun just to look at.